Upmo Sponsored Walk 2019

You are warmly invited to join us for our forthcoming annual Upmo Sponsored Walk which this year takes place on Thursday 13th  June from 11.00 am – 1.00 pm. After the walk, we are hoping to have a picnic in Holyrood Park, if the weather permits!

Since our first ever sponsored walk back in 2011, the event has grown steadily to become a real highlight in our calendar. As well as being a fun but challenging activity for students, friends and families, funds raised make a significant contribution to the cost of one-off activities and events during the year which otherwise might not take place. 

Last year, the event raised over £3700 thanks to all the students, family members, volunteers and staff who took part. This year, we are aiming to raise at least £3000!

As in previous years, the route is 5K (3 ½ miles) and follows the road around Arthur’s Seat. It is very safe and easily manageable in a wheelchair. There is stunning scenery, amazing views (here’s hoping for a sunny day!) and of course, great company!

If you would like more information or you would like to register to take part (it’s a free event), please contact Liz on 0131 661 4411 or via emaillizkirby@upmo.org

A sponsorship form is available to download here.

Alternatively, our JustGiving campaign page makes it really easy to share information and collect sponsorship:


If you are unable to take part, but you’d like to donate, you can do that through our JustGiving page too.

Special thanks to Sandy Sutherland and Historic Scotland for helping us organize this event!


Upmo Campus Q&As

IMG_0335 2.jpg

Question & Answers 

What dates are we moving?

The proposed dates to move are:

Links House – 6th May 2019

Duncan Place – January 2020

Swanfield - early next year, Planning and funding dependant.


Will Art stay at Links House?

No, we hope that Art will move to Duncan Place 


Where will the new Yoyo Café be?



Will there still be a fashion workshop?

Yes, fashion will be based at Links House initially and then move to Duncan Place.  


Will there be lifts in the new premises?

Yes, there will be a lift in each of the new premises.


Where is the music workshop going to be in the new premises?



Are we going to have new cooking workshops?

Cooking workshops will continue at St Margaret’s House and then move to Swanfield.  Cooking currently runs in every available slot Monday to Friday, but the Links House move will create more space in most workshops if you are interested in cooking.


How will iMuse/Sensory sessions run in the new premises?

iMuse/Sensory will be located at St Margaret’s House initially.  Everyone who already has a slot has been offered a workshop based at St Margaret’s House so they can still attend if they wish to. The iMuse will move to Links House eventually.


Are students going to be in the same building all day?

Initially yes. Grant and Coordination are working hard to put together timetables for every student.  Case managers are currently speaking to all students regarding their suggested plans.


What is going to happen to transport?

Transport and travel - there are plans to update parents asap via case managers with regards to the impact of the timetabling changes on transport for the student(s) they care for.  Meetings with East Lothian council and Transport Hub regarding students affected are in process. 


What buses can I get to the new buildings? 

All the new premises are located in walking distance from each other in the Leith area; they are all on major Edinburgh bus routes. 

Links House: 

No. 12

Constitution Street- No.16 

Duncan Place: 

Duke Street - No. 21, 25, 34, 35, 49

Easter Road – No.1


Junction Place – No. 7, 10, 14, 21, 34, 36  

When can we visit the new building at Links House?

Students and parents will not be able to visit until the work is complete and this will likely be end April/early May.


What is going to happen to the lunch service?

Lunches at Links - You will need to bring a packed lunch or you can eat locally, or in the café in neighbouring Great Michael House.


Can students have taster sessions there?

Unfortunately there isn’t much time for us to arrange taster sessions but if students really feel they need these, we can look into it. 


Will there be quiet rooms?

In all the new buildings there will be designated quiet spaces. 

How can I have my son/daughter learn the new route as they self-travel?

The planning team and case managers are putting together packages for the transition and will be working with councils to arrange travel training.