Upmo at Dynamic Earth


At the start of February we were delighted to return to Dynamic Earth for our 5th collaborative project.


For this project both the Friday afternoon Art workshop and the Drama workshop were invited to go along to Dynamic Earth together to work on a multi-disciplinary project. Not only is it a collaborative project with Dynamic Earth, we also worked in conjunction with external organisation Media Education.

We have now completed this project and are delighted to present a taste of the things we learned along the way in our film screening. We have explored lots of different environments, such as the Arctic with its giant icebergs and polar bears, the rain forest, and we even conducted our own science experiments and tried out the Van de Graaf machine. The workshops also made  masks inspired by what they have seen, and interviews with Media Education who have been documenting the whole experience. Media Education have introduced lots of different media to our students, including green screens, sound recording equipment, video cameras and more.

Upmo first started colloborating with Dynamic Earth in January 2016 and our partnership has gone from strength to strength, The combination of our students creativity with the inspiring Dynmaic Earth tour has helped to produce of number of beautiful artworks and projects. This exhibition is a little example of the work our students have produced over the years.

Thank you very much to Dynamic Earth for inviting us back and to Media Education for making this project possible.