Are you interested in gaining employability skills?

Why don’t you consider working at one of our YoYo cafés. It is a great way to learn new skills that can lead to employment opportunities.

Marcello is 27 years old from Musselburgh. He started at working at the Yoyo Café in Leith Victoria in 2017 initially working one day a week and is now based there 3 days a week. When Marcello is not working at the café, he enjoys playing the keyboard, listening to music, going shopping and spending time with his nephew.  This is what Marcello had to say about his experience of working at Yoyo Café:

 ‘My favourite thing about working at Yoyo café is working on the till and providing excellent customer service. I like it busy; I enjoy the challenge. I like having a chat and a laugh with my customers and getting to know them. I can often tell what they are going to order before they do. For example, my regular customers like Alison who comes on a Monday always orders Red Berry tea, and Dougie gets a cappuccino, extra shot and hot.  I like organising our stock and I really enjoy cleaning and making sure the microwaves, tables, shelves, toy area and the board are all up to standard. Working on the till has helped me with counting, my maths, understanding money and not making mistakes. 

I would recommend working at Yoyo Café Leith Victoria to everyone. I work Monday, Tuesday and Friday. It is a great place to learn new skills and gain more confidence.  It is a really special place, like my home from home. It is a special building which is nice and relaxed where I can meet new friends.’