New layout at St Margaret's House

Simultaneous to the move to Links House there has been a massive clearout and refurbishment to our premises at St Margaret's House.  Walls have been knocked through and the East Wing area where the offices were has been transformed into larger workshops spaces. By the end of the month we will have relocated the music, drama, and dance workshops currently in the West Wing to the East Wing.  This relocation will enable us to half our floor space and decrease the rent while we continue our efforts to raise funds for the development of the warehouse at Swanfield. These workshops as well as the Yoyo Café and the training kitchen will continue to be housed at St Margaret's House until the development at Swanfield is completed.

Our students have adjusted very well, and for the most part the transition has been smooth. Here are some quotes from our students about the recent changes based at St Margaret’s House;

 ‘It is nice starting at 1.30, there is more time in workshops to do stuff.

 ‘The café queues are less, and there is more time to get lunch if you don’t like waiting in the queue.’

 ‘It is less busy at SMH- this is good, I like it that way.’

 ‘There is more time to chat and get to know people.’