Outdoor learning at Duddingston


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Duddingston Kirk that will enable us to provide even more opportunities for our students to change, grow, learn, and have fun whilst becoming active and responsible members of the community. 

We have always provided robust education in gardening for our students, but now wish to expand this so we are offering a more rounded education in Outdoor Learning.  Edinburgh is a beautiful, interesting and dynamic place.  The more our students can learn about nature, relaxation, the environment, co-operative learning and the hard work needed to preserve our spaces will be for their betterment and for the benefit of the community.

Access to other outdoor activities

As well as the Upmo learning garden, we would like the students to have an opportunity to engage with the outdoors more fully and to learn more abut the area around them.

Discussions have been made with both The Holyrood Ranger Service and the Scottish Wildlife Trust about working together.

The Holyrood Ranger Service would be very keen to work with students and offer several amazing services. Through the ranger service, students could have the chance to work towards their John Muir Award. The Ranger service also offer free workshops, learning about local habitat, wildlife, geology and archaeology. They also offer bushcraft skills and students would have access to the Education Centre that is based in Holyrood Park. Through the Ranger Service, students can also learn about and participate a Citizen Science project. This would allow students to collect data (for example water testing of Duddington Loch or insect counts), that could be used as part of a scientific enquiry

The Scottish Wildlife own Bawsinch reserve (on the other side of Duddingston Loch). This is the only natural fresh water loch in Edinburgh and is an important site for birds, grasslands and reeds. We have been told that we are able to hold a key for access. There is a wooded area that has a fire pit. This is only used by a couple of schools and would be the perfect area for learning bushcraft skills, storytelling and nature art workshops. The reserve is also an important conservation area and we would have the opportunity to volunteer there and therefore take part in valuable conservation work.

Duddingston loch by Magnus

Duddingston loch by Magnus

Encouraging wildlife by Colin

Encouraging wildlife by Colin